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January 1, 2021

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Culturesphere Services



Plant and Polished provides integrated cleaning and floral services to create an engaging sensory experience to commercial and residential clients by stimulating the human senses; promoting a wealthy, healthy and relaxing energy for all who may frequent your establishment or personal residence.

Culturesphere was sought after and engaged for our experience in Business Development, Entrepreneurship and Operations.

Through our Culturesphere Discovery Process, we determined a partnership with Messenger Ink, an award winning design agency whose focus is on Imaginative Strategy & Consulting was the best position for Plant and Polished in conjunction with a mentorship with M/WBE company in EPIC Property Preservation was the best position for Plant and Polished.

Plant and Polish's execution and partnership has been invaluable as they have continued to test their business and service offerings that have allowed them to offer additional services to their clients.

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