Empowerment thru Investment

Culturesphere and its foundational commitment to People and perpetual business transformation is the new Standard for workplace innovation. Our internal stakeholders are creative partners- embracing collaboration to build an inclusive outcome; rich in culture, dialogue, communication and fulfilled purpose. It is this commitment that we make the proclamation: People are the new green.

They’re the next innovative pivot in your industry; pushing forward the next revolution of culture tech for generations- and inclusivity. We’re Advocates of leveraging tech, ingenuity, and people; challenge limitations of corporate vision, underfunding and understanding, of BIPOC & underserved communities because of familiarity. With this baseline established, Culturesphere initiatives have a focus on three key areas- BIPOC partnerships, Business Mentoring for Startups and Collaborative Innovation.

Culture + Tech (The Best of Both Worlds)
Hybrid Workforce means Hybrid Culture. Translation, seamlessly integrating people, culture, and technology in all facets of your business. Reporting, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Talent Acquisition/Recruiting, Employee Recognition, Accounts Payable/Receivable, and external partnerships.

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