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Sense + Connect = Resonate.

Who We Are

Journey + Reintroduction.

Settling into a business direction can produce a multitude of emotions- constricting, anxious, limiting…and this is just to name some of the feelings. We know because after 21 years in business, We’ve finally have found our “home” if you will. And the journey has been amazing to get here!

We’ve experienced business and businesses and all the many facets always kept our scope, our “what” open- exploring deeper to uncover in it’s fullness, what we offer- And it always came back to Business Development + Strategic Messaging.

As a Business Development + Strategic Messaging Firm, we curate messages with the intent to connect with (y)our customer for an ROI-driven business experience. You're Who, they're Why , and Culturesphere is How. Sense + Connect = Resonate.

What We Do

Pivot makes Perfect.

…”but you do websites…” Yes, we do…but it ultimately comes down to “Who” you are connecting with and “What” is our message to them?

…“they do sales” We don’t “sale” anything; We listen to where you want to go and show you how to use every ingredient in your business kitchen to get there, while maximizing growth and partnerships along the way- even connecting you to new ones!

…”I think their a technology company/guy…” Kinda, so long as your tech allows you to engage your customers in a manner that increases responsiveness/connectivity and increase your business because of speed to market.

… “I think they do staffing…” You’re right! We recommend people and companies that can fill your gaps to stabilize your business to make you more profitable.

… “they do branding…” I guess…we really just listen to you and create messaging to connect to your customer- if that’s what you mean by branding, you got us!

It was all of these very flattering labels and descriptions of how our business impacted our customers that honestly kept us from “settling down” but in actuality, it locked us in.

We’re happy to say that while it is true that "Yes!", we do all of these things listed above- it’s all in the name of Business Development + Strategic Messaging!

If you are looking to make an impact and grow your business strategically, connect with Culturesphere today!

Meet the Team

We're Pivot Partners.


My Servitude Elevates [Experience + Preparation]. ROI Initiated.

When you chose Culturesphere as your Biz Dev Journey Partner, John T. Palmer, Jr., Founder and CEO, steps into the role as your acting Chief Business Development Officer. In this position, his 20+ years of successful experience is on full display in undertaking your company’s desired business growth.


Knowledgeable in several key business areas (Business Operations, HR & Talent Acquisition, Information Technology, Organization Development, Business Development, and Entrepreneurship), John seamlessly (re)positions firms for market capitalization by building out internal infrastructure to support the expected business growth while adding strategic partnerships.


Some of John’s notable accomplishments include year over year Recurring Monthly Revenue growth of 40% + year over year business revenue growth of 120% for a confidential Tech Company, average year over year business growth of 80% for a confidential Human Capital Services entity while reducing the sales life cycle over 60% for both entities.

Business Development is an Art and I'm the stroke of the brush. Use me to create your masterpiece™- John Palmer.


Dir. of Program Management- Dr. Callie Johnson is a transformational & facilitative leader who adapts to cultural and technologically dynamic environments- showcasing ability to lead thru communication with supporting documentation to substantiate productivity while embracing diversity of thought, ability, experience, and culture.

In addition, Dr. Callie’s organizational-focused customer service along with her brand continuity centric ability to leverage data driven, resource-controlled metrics to promote a business experience separate Dr. Callie from her peers.

She is able to seamlessly apply customer service concepts to IT to improve user experience for clients, employees and administration. Skilled in communicating with the C-Suite, Mid-management, and entry level teams as well as building cross-functional teams- demonstrating exceptional communication skills and making critical decisions during challenges.

As an experienced Project Manager with over 20 years of vast IT experience and a proven record of generating and building relationships, she manages projects from concept to completion, coaching individuals to success and promoting client partners to and thru successful projects.

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Our Services

This + That(and Then Sum).


Opportunities promote Growth.

Industry growth trends, historical company data and confidential business alliances- our professionals balance foresight, openness, and finesse, alongside discretion to create a responsive business architecture to maximize scalability.


Communicate then Capitalize.

Research and Understanding are the two feet our people stand on- delivering uniquely stated, market penetrating conversations that build rapport with your target market. Interaction at the speed of read.


Oversight and Reporting.

Our team of communicators attentive, proactive, and responsive attributes are integral in disseminating shifts in the customer journey; documenting key milestones, objectives and pivots.


Tech-Driven Customer Experience.

Leveraging a hybrid approach of cutting-edge tech and reliable enterprise solutions, our consultants engineer customer-centric, quality-assured, business solutions for tomorrow's business, today.
  • John has been extremely active in the business community  and he is recognized as a proponent to small business and business development!  I highly recommend Mr. Palmer without reservations [as] I am confident that he will establish productive relationships with your constituents and exceed your expectations of objectives.
    Carlos Gomez | President/CEO
    Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City
  • It is rare you come across a business partner like John. As his client, he approached our business like it was his own. He took the time necessary to understand our mission, vision and values, asking all the right questions and challenging our answers. It was an enlightening experience welcoming him into our company, as he brought with him assistance above and beyond what we expected. I was particularly impressed with John's persistence, and motivation to get the job done the right way. He is not a stranger to customer service, and worked tirelessly to make sure our needs were satisfied. Any business owner looking to hire new talent should trust John to do his research, find the best candidate, and follow up to ensure a smooth and successful hiring process.
    Alec Haight
    CEO of Pioneer Music Company
  • John is a true pro who genuinely cares about helping others reach their goals and achieve success. In my experience working with John on several projects over many years, he has always proven to be a champion who gets it done - no matter the challenge. His dynamic expertise in executive management, marketing, and business development, along with a deep understanding of business operations and HR, gives him a unique advantage in helping businesses on a growth path. Not only that, John is just a really great, authentic person who is fun to work with and makes every project a breeze!
    Carol Sours
    Treo Marketing
  • Gwendolyn Washington
    CEO WeDevelopment Federal Credit Union
  • John in collaboration with his partnership with MessengerInk was hired by the National Congress of Black Women-KC to help with brand strategy, messaging and digital marketing. The relationship built with John and his team was amazing. The work they completed was far beyond what our board expected. They connected with us professionally, culturally and personally. Three words describe John and his team, efficient, innovative and committed.
    Sylvya Stevenson, MPA (She/Her/Hers)
    National Congress of Black Women Kansas City
  • I’m so glad I contacted John to upgrade my website and social media platforms. It was a huge undertaking, and he responded quickly to provide me with guidance and a comprehensive plan of action. He was professional throughout the process, going above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. I would highly recommend John for any and all of your graphic design needs.
    Hon. Stephanie N. Mitchell-Huff
    291st Judicial District Court Judge
  • Working with John Palmer and his Culturesphere Process has been nothing short of remarkable! When I engaged John, I shared with him details about my company, processes, clientele and other information. The way he presented me to ME left me in awe! As he oftentimes says or will he say "all I did was reposition you". He did more than that...thru his expertise, partnerships and network, he invested into me and EPIC Property Preservation. His willingness to help is second to none hands down. At any moment, I can expect a quick check in call, a referral or a good laugh to progress thru the business day. I read thru John's reviews and got the sense that he just loves his business...I was partially correct. He also loves your business! Almost as if it is/was his own. And to me, that's the kind of consultant relationship I didn't know I needed that I now know that I need. It never ceases to amaze me the depth of his understanding and creative nature to solve and resolve issues, personal and business. Anyone looking to "pivot" as he would say, I would 100% recommend that you consider John and his Culturesphere process. It has been worth every dollar I've invested! I trust John and you can trust him too. -Sharon Stephens
    Sharon Stephens | CEO
    EPIC Property Preservation
  • We, at Miscellaneous Staffing Services have the pleasure of appointing John Palmer as our Chief Business Development Officer! In the first 40 days, he has doubled our revenue, tripled sales turn around times, created our capabilities statement, doubled our clientele, and increased our digital media presence. Culturesphere has become an essential part of our growth strategy and business model. We look forward to creating a long lasting partnership.
    LaTasha Crawford | CEO
    Miscellaneous Staffing Services
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